For Patients

At HealthBridge Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas, we provide inpatient and outpatient pediatric services for children that need rehabilitative, sub-acute and post-acute specialty medical care. We serve as a bridge between the hospital and home for families that face complex medical issues following a serious injury, acute illness, premature birth, major surgery, chronic disease, or any other life-altering event.

Experience a Culture of Caring and Love

When families come to HealthBridge, they will experience a relaxed at-home, child-friendly environment. We understand the intense emotional challenges our families have experienced while caring for a sick child.  It can be an exhausting time for parents and an unsettling time for the child. Our entire staff strives to be a “beacon of hope” for our families. We provide a culture of love, spending time nurturing our patients, while providing parents the support and help to not only heal their child, but also provide the opportunity for parents to recharge themselves physically and mentally.

Receive Treatment from the Finest Specialty Pediatric Care Team

Our hospital relies on the strong leadership and expertise of a multidisciplinary team of medical and allied health professionals. The physician-led team at HealthBridge is dedicated to providing our patients with the finest in specialty pediatric care and programs. Our dedicated staff is made up of an interdisciplinary team of specialists including:

  • Board-certified physicians
  • Nurses
  • Dietitians
  • Child Life specialists
  • Pediatric neuropsychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Child educators
  • Social work and RN case managers
  • Respiratory therapists

We are the only facility in Houston to have:

  • Two pediatric pulmonologists on staff
  • A pediatric neurologist on staff
  • An in-patient obesity program
  • A pediatric wound care program
  • A feeding program
  • A behavioral pediatric program
  • A true pediatric palliative care
  • A teaching program for both medical residents and physicians

Gain Insight and Tools to achieve the Highest Level of Independence Possible

At the end of the day, our ultimate goal at HealthBridge Children’s hospital is to send our patients and families home with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently handle at home-care. In the hospital, there is often not enough time to prepare families and teach them how to care for their critically/traumatically-injured child. At HealthBridge, we strive for a continuity of care. 

Our inpatient services focus on an interdisciplinary treatment approach that not only provides treatment for the child’s physical ailment, but also provides child life and behavioral services to ensure a smooth transition home.  Our outpatient programs carry over the teachings and some treatment services from our inpatient programs, while enabling our patients and families to successfully care for their child at home.